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You have been captured by an alien species that seek pleasure in other people's pain. You are Markus, an unsuspecting Earth civilian who finds himself in an intergalactic battlefield forced to play capture the flag in order to stay alive. Your new alien overlords are broadcasting you on a game show for their own entertainment - make them happy or suffer the consequences!

Fend off and dodge the robots, which are being controlled by the alien audience. Use your gun and special space boots to jump from planet to planet, and maneuver yourself around the planet's gravities.

Your goal is to return the transmitter from the audience controlled robots to your home base so that you can return back to your home planet.


  • WASD-Moving
  • Mouse - Look Around
  • Left Mouse Click -  Shoot Gun
  • Left Shift - Jet Boost



Connor Bryant 
Hunter Presny

3D Artists: 

Zachary Harris
Connor Bryant


Jerremiah Sunarja

Social Media Manager:

Jerremiah Sunarja
Hunter Presny

Connor Bryant (connorjbryant) Twitter: @connman111
Hunter Presny (Knightmaric) Twitter: @Knightemaric
Zachary Harris (Danearro) Instagram: the_3d_scholar
Jerremiah Sunarja (forceundertaken)

Social Media:



XtremeCTFGameBuild.zip 103 MB
SoundSamples.zip 323 MB

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